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Pima County MOU Vote Starts Nov 2!

Make your membership matter!2015 Meet & confer Highlights (1)

As an SEIU Arizona Local 48 member, you have the right to vote on the 2015-2017 Union Memorandum of Understanding. You can start voting online beginning November 2 or at voting stations across the county on November 4 and 5th.

This year, your Meet and Confer team is proud to present the 2015-2017 tentative agreement between SEIU Arizona and Pima County. These agreements will help to improve the County for employees and our families.

 Now it’s your chance to vote on the agreement before we send it to the Board of Supervisors for final approval.


Vote online Monday, November 2nd – Thursday, November 5th 

Worksite Voting Wednesday, November 4th & Thursday, November 5th

Wednesday, November 4

  • WESC Wastewater – Oxygen room 10-12pm
  • Downtown Snackatorium – 130 W. Congress, Basement level 11-1pm
  • Abrams – 1st Floor 11:30 – 1:30pm
  • Wastewater Conveyance – Ritchie Road 2-3:30
  • Mission Yard – 3:30 – 4:30pm

Thursday November 5th

  • Ina Wastewater – Small Conference room 9:30-11pm
  • Downtown Library – 2nd floor 11-12:30pm
  • Fleet Services – Conference room 11:30-1:30pm
  • PACC – Employee Link room 12-2pm
  • Parks Administration – Warehouse lunchroom 3:15-4pm

Union Stewards will be visiting additional work locations throughout the week with ballot boxes. To schedule a ballot box at your location contact Art Mendoza at art.mendoza@seiuaz.org


The Pima County Board of Supervisors may also vote on including two additional SEIU Arizona proposals in the 2015-2017 Memorandum of Understanding. Come to Ratification to find out how we can make sure we win these important changes this year!

  • Paid Parental Leave for the birth or adoption of a child.
  • Employee Non-Discrimination Language improved to include gender identity and gender expression.
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SEIU Arizona Election Notice

Nominations for Local and Chapter OfficesSEIU AZ

Nominations for all Local and Chapter officers are open as of October 12, 2015 until October, 30 2015. As provided in SEIU Arizona 48 Constitution & Bylaws, to be eligible for office, a member must be in good standing since November, 20 2013. Under the Local Constitution the term of office is for three years. Nominating petitions are available on the Local website, www.seiuaz.org, at the Union Hall, 877 S. Alvernon Way, Suite 100, Tucson, AZ 85711 and from any Chapter officer or steward.


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Public Libraries Are Under Attack – Join Us and Let’s Fight Back!

What is the bill?

H.B. 2379 proposes to cap secondary tax increases for library free districts. The cap begins immediately in Tax Year 2014, which started January 1, 2014. This bill proposal will place a severe and immediate limit on the Library District revenue in Fiscal Year 20145-2015.

What is the impact?

The Pima County Free Library District is the only library district in Arizona that services the entire County. The District completely finances and operates all 27 library branches in Pima County, including libraries in cities of Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, Sahuarita and South Tucson.

Library District revenue is the only tax money used to operate those 27 branches. No County general funds or any incorporated jurisdiction tax dollars are used to support any of these libraries, the library system or Library services.

If passed as written this bill will force closure of ten existing library branches on or before June 30, 2014, prevent the construction of any new libraries for at least the next decade, and terminate numerous library services including computer classes, homework help, book mobile and other delivery services, and adult and juvenile detention services. Read more on the impact here and here.

How can we stop this bill and save our libraries? Here is what you can do to help:

Pima County libraries are an immeasurable asset to the community and if we want to keep them around we will need to fight. A diverse coalition of individuals and organizations have committed to protecting our libraries from attack year after year.

  • Attend a  community meeting to learn more about the bill, how library funding works, and what we can do to help libraries. 

Tuesday, Feb. 11


Murphy-Wilmot Branch Library

530 N Wilmot Rd



Wednesday, Feb. 12


Valencia Branch Library

202 W Valencia Rd



Monday, Feb. 24


Joel D Valdez Main Library

101 N Stone Ave



Saturday, Mar. 1


Nanini Branch Library

7300 N Shannon Rd


Additional forums coming soon in Sahuarita, Oro Valley, & Marana


  •  Find your local legislator and write or call to urge them to oppose H.B. 2379 and save Pima County libraries.

    Here is a sample script you can use while talking or writing to them.

    • Hi. My name is _____ and I live in _____. I am a constituent of Senator/Representative ______ and I would like to speak to someone about HB 2379 today.I am calling today to urge Senator/Representative ___________ to vote against HB 2379, which if passed will really hurt libraries. It severely limits the property tax adjustments that libraries rely on for funding and it subjects our libraries to an arbitrary funding formula set by the state.I love my library and the services it provides like_______________.I do not want to see libraries close or those services cut.  Public libraries are an invaluable community resource and I hope Sen./Rep. ____________ recognizes that.

For any questions about the campaign or how you can get involved contact Maya Castillo at 520 – 884 – 8100


Check out some of our partners below who have committed to protecting Pima County Libraries!



Literacy Connects

pima county interfaith council logo

make way for books logo

casa mariposa logo

mi familia vota logo


Dr. Eve Shapiro

Jean Lewis, Retired PCPL Librarian

Joan (Betsy) Stunz, Retired PCPL Librarian


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Pima County Supervisors vote YES to a wage increase and approve the MOU!

With a huge turnout at the polls, Pima SEIU members voted to ratify the proposed Memorandum of Understanding between SEIU Arizona and Pima County.  On August 6, the Pima County Board of Supervisors agreed with members and approved the MOU!

The 2013-14 MOU includes:

  • A 3% wage increase
  • A one-time employee compensation award based on years of service
  • Adjusted pay scales for job grades
  • A catastrophic leave bank
  • …and more!

Click here for a complete copy of the MOU.

The paycheck eligible employees received on July 19  includes a 1% raise and an employee compensation award.  A 2% additional raise starts in January 2014.  For more details, click here.

SEIU members have fought long and hard to make these gains for all Pima County employees.  As we grow our membership we can achieve even more!

Not a member yet?  Call Art Mendoza, 520-465-9729 or email art.mendoza@seiuaz.org.

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SEIU members won a wage increase for Pima County employees!

For more than 5 years, Pima County employees went without raises and our families made sacrifices because we knew the county was facing an economic struggle. When the economy improved, members were ready with a plan to fight for the pay increase employees need to support ourselves and our families.

We talked to hundreds of employees and put together the hard facts…and we shared our stories with management and the Board of Supervisors. We also gathered more than 1,000 signatures on petitions asking for a raise, and we sent emails and made phone calls to management and the Board of Supervisors, too.

Here’s what we won:

3.02% raise plus a one-time employee compensation award!  (In this year’s budget, employees won an employee compensation package of nearly $12 million.)

3.02% raise

• 1% raise + award scheduled for July 19, 2013 paycheck

• 2% raise scheduled for January 17, 2014 paycheck

5.3 million: One-time employee compensation awards

based on years of service:  $200 for each year worked, up to $1,000 maximum.

We will continue to work toward additional raises for 2014-15.

Click here for a flyer with more details.

Let’s keep the momentum going as we near the end of bargaining for our 2013-14 MOU! For more information and to schedule a worksite meeting, call Art Mendoza at 520-465-9729 or email art.mendoza@seiuaz.org.

We’re stronger together – and together we can achieve even more!

Pima at BOS 6-18-13

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Pima County Employees Stand Together for a Wage Increase!

Our plan to win a wage increase for Pima County employees is moving forward.

Pima County brothers and sisters have stood together at two Pima County Board of Supervisors meetings to make our voices heard.

Click here to read the story in the “Arizona Daily Star” and view a video of our union sister, Monica Nicholas, as she spoke to the Board on February 12.

This is just the beginning.  We’re committed to providing the highest quality services to our community while we work together to support good jobs that keep Pima County’s economy flowing and growing.

We’re Stronger Together! Join us!

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A path to victory for WIC and families we serve!

On January 15, SEIU WIC members met with our new Pima County Health Director, Dr. Francisco Garcia and Deputy County Administrator Jan Lesher at our Union Hall to make them aware of many concerns and questions WIC employees have had, and to discuss a plan to move forward with our department.   Among the issues we talked about were:

• Client wait times are growing longer.  What can be done to help us provide faster service  to families in need?

• We are understaffed.  Will more WIC employees be hired?  If so, when?

• High staff turnover is an issue.  Is there a plan to retain current staff?

• What can be done to make sure employees feel respected and valued?

• How can we ensure that our voices will be heard when we have concerns – or suggestions?

Management is listening!

Here are highlights from the meeting:

• Dr. Garcia is currently working with employees and his managers on a comprehensive plan to address ongoing concerns and improve quality services at Pima WIC.

• Dr. Garcia announced that six new CNS positions will be posted and they are committed to evaluate staffing, assignments and the plan to retain current staff.

• They acknowledged concerns over employee treatment and the need for respect.

• Employees will have a strong voice!  Dr. Garcia agreed to set up quarterly meetings with  health department employees and SEIU to continue to work together to address issues,  but more importantly,  to share ideas and celebrate our successes!

 The conversation continues.  Tell us what you think!

Click here for a questionnaire from Dr. Garcia.  We’ll connect with you to get your comments and deliver the results to Dr. Garcia.

Let’s make sure our voice is heard!

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SEIU AZ Members Elect Local 48 & Chapter Officers!

On September 27, SEIU AZ completed our successful first election as Local 48, achieving another milestone in our quest to build a union that is entirely of, by and for our members.

Together, we elected excellent leaders who are devoted to creating a better future for all working families in Arizona and strengthening our relationships with the communities we serve.  We congratulate our new officers!

Congratulations to our new officers!

Local 48

 President:  Maya Castillo
Maya has been an active member of the Pima County Chapter for several years, and has served as Chapter Chair  since 2010.  Among her most recent honors, The Tucson Daily Star  named her one of Tucson’s “40 Under 40” – an award presented to the city’s most influential young leaders.

Vice President:  Molly McGovern
Molly has served as  Political Director for SEIU AZ for six years, working with  State, County, City and Town officials, achieving victories in protecting the rights of public employees.

Treasurer:  Lorraine Dorame, Pima County Chapter member

Secretary:  Edwina Vogan, Arizona State Chapter member

Pima County Chapter

Chapter Chair:  John Becerra

Vice Chair – Administrative/Technical/Clerical:  Sofia Blue

Vice Chair – Labor and Trades:  Rafael Santa Cruz

Executive Board:  Patrick McGinnis and Carlos Ochoa

Chandler Chapter

Executive Board:  Mark Hardenburg

Trustee:  James Salazar

Under the Local Constitution each term of office is for three years starting October 1, 2012. With the leadership of these new officers, we look forward to a bright future for every SEIU AZ member!

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Hardworking Americans should not be living in poverty!

On Tuesday, July 24, SEIU members and allies from across the nation came together to tell Congress to increase the minimum wage.

In Arizona, bus riders in Tucson and Phoenix were met by SEIU members and friends who gave out hundreds of free bottles of cold water while they collected signatures on petitions to send to Congress. In Tucson, SEIU members were joined by Bus Riders Union volunteers and in Phoenix, members teamed up with the Arizona Advocacy Network.

SEIU Pima Chapter Chair Maya Castillo said, “The people we talked to were so happy to see us.  They appreciated the water and they were eager to sign petitions to increase the minimum wage.”

SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry and Christine Owens, Executive Director of the National Employment Law Project, co-authored an editorial published on CNN.com. Click here to read “Hardworking Americans should not be living in poverty.”

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It’s time to vote on the new SEIU MOU with Pima County!

Our SEIU Bargaining Team has worked hard to produce an new Memorandum of Understanding with Pima County!

Voting will take place from Monday, July 23 through Thursday, July 26 at locations that will make voting easy for you.  Click here for the complete schedule.

Your voice counts!  Take a moment to vote!

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