A path to victory for WIC and families we serve!

On January 15, SEIU WIC members met with our new Pima County Health Director, Dr. Francisco Garcia and Deputy County Administrator Jan Lesher at our Union Hall to make them aware of many concerns and questions WIC employees have had, and to discuss a plan to move forward with our department.   Among the issues we talked about were:

• Client wait times are growing longer.  What can be done to help us provide faster service  to families in need?

• We are understaffed.  Will more WIC employees be hired?  If so, when?

• High staff turnover is an issue.  Is there a plan to retain current staff?

• What can be done to make sure employees feel respected and valued?

• How can we ensure that our voices will be heard when we have concerns – or suggestions?

Management is listening!

Here are highlights from the meeting:

• Dr. Garcia is currently working with employees and his managers on a comprehensive plan to address ongoing concerns and improve quality services at Pima WIC.

• Dr. Garcia announced that six new CNS positions will be posted and they are committed to evaluate staffing, assignments and the plan to retain current staff.

• They acknowledged concerns over employee treatment and the need for respect.

• Employees will have a strong voice!  Dr. Garcia agreed to set up quarterly meetings with  health department employees and SEIU to continue to work together to address issues,  but more importantly,  to share ideas and celebrate our successes!

 The conversation continues.  Tell us what you think!

Click here for a questionnaire from Dr. Garcia.  We’ll connect with you to get your comments and deliver the results to Dr. Garcia.

Let’s make sure our voice is heard!

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