Chandler United for SEIU!

With the union election approaching, Chandler members are standing strong in support of SEIU.  Recently, SEIU-represented departments received a bonus and bargaining for an additional COLA will begin soon.  And those are just a few reasons why Chandler members are united for SEIU.

Members say SEIU benefits employees in several ways:

Bargaining team member, Chris Koeth, explained, “When we go to the bargaining table we’re armed with the facts and figures to back us up, thanks to the expert resources SEIU provides.”

“With SEIU, we have a researcher, negotiator, labor lawyers, political lobbyists and much more,” Dave Carlton added.

SEIU-trained stewards provide support for Chandler workers, too, said Mark Hardenburg. “If an employee has workplace issues, our union stewards are able to help resolve the issues in a positive and constructive way.”

Strength in Unity:
“As SEIU members we’ve been able to achieve much more for employees than we could before we joined the union,” said Erma Acosta.

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