Join us and take action to protect Arizona workers’ rights! Contact your Legislators NOW!

On Wednesday, March 28, nearly 2,000 public workers connected with SEIU Arizona’s statewide TeleTown Hall to learn more about the anti-worker bills in legislature  and actions they can take to stop the bills.

On Thursday, March 29, SEIU members joined with our allies to send a powerful message to legislators.  Together, we delivered more than 20,000 signatures telling legislators stop attacking Arizona’s working families and start focusing on building an Arizona that works for everyone.

Click here for the story from FOX 10 reporter Dan Spindle. Find out what Senate President Steve Pierce said about the petitions by clicking on this link to Shaima Hahin’s story for Cronkite News.

And on Friday, March 30,  a new poll was released that shows Arizona voters strongly oppose this extremist legislation.  Click here for the story from Arizona Republic reporter Yvonne Wingett Sanchez. You’ll find more details by clicking here.

Click on this link to tell your legislators to VOTE NO on bills that are bad for Arizona’s workers — and all Arizonans!

Here is just one example of several bills that are bad for Arizona’s working families:

• The Governor’s Personnel Reform Bill – HB2571

This bill:

– Eliminates the Merit System and making State employees “At will.” It’s just a matter of time before it affects all public workers.

– “At will” employees could be fired at any time for any reason and will have no chance of reinstatement unless they can prove illegal discrimination based on, for example, race, age, sex, religion, national origin or disability.

– Public employees could be exposed to the influences of political favoritism, cronyism and nepotism, making public employees pawns in a political game.

– The Merit System was passed by Arizona’s legislature more than 40 years ago to stop this kind of corruption.

From the Thursday, March 15 Arizona Republic,  “…Rep. Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix, said the ramifications of the bill are “incomprehensible.”  “At the end of the day, the governor may be Republican right now, but that may not always be the case…at one point or another, we have to admit we are ceding an incredible amount of power to the executive branch of the state,” he said.  “This will open the door to political cronyism.”  Click here to read the full story, “Senate to consider bill easing rules for firing state workers.”  And check out E. J. Montini’s column, “Making cronyism state’s official public policy.”

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is against the bill, too.  Here’s an excerpt from his editorial on  “As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in Pima County, I have had the privilege and responsibility of serving the citizens of this community for over three decades. During that time, I have seen many changes aimed at the betterment of our State. Unfortunately, I have also witnessed several ill-conceived, poorly planned legislative efforts become law.

House Bill 2571 is one such short-sighted, ill-intended piece of legislation.”  Read the full editorial here.

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