SEIU Members from Across the State Speak Out for Arizona’s Working Families in a Day of Action at the Capitol

The Day of Action at the Capitol on March 1 was a great success!  Nearly a thousand union members, friends and allies traveled from all across Arizona to fight anti-worker legislation.  We made our voices heard through a tremendous show of solidarity – lobbying legislators and standing together for a powerful rally!

Members told legislators it’s time to stop blaming Arizona’s public service workers for our state’s problems, and start focusing on jobs and the economy.  We urged them to vote NO on extremist bills that target hard-working, middle class, public employees who give their best on the job every day for the people of Arizona.

Here’s brief information about the bills we’re fighting:

• The Governor’s Personnel Reform Bill – HB2571 – starts by eliminating the Merit System and making State employees “At will.” It’s just a matter of time before it affects all public workers.

– “At will” employees could be fired at any time for any reason and will have no chance of reinstatement unless they can prove illegal discrimination based on, for example, race, age, sex, religion, national origin or disability.

– Public employees could be exposed to the influences of political favoritism, cronyism and nepotism, making public employees pawns in a political game.

– The Merit System was passed by Arizona’s legislature more than 40 years ago to stop this kind of corruption.

Status: HB2571 cleared the House Rules Committee last week and now goes to the House Floor for a preliminary vote by the full House.

• SB1484 – Paycheck deductions; employee authorization:   This requires annual reauthorization for payroll deduction for union dues.  It includes an emergency clause because apparently this “is necessary to preserve the public peace, health or safety” of Arizonans.    If the Governor signs it, it becomes law immediately.

Status: This bill has already passed the Senate and has gone to the House.

●  SB1485 – Unions; public employees; prohibitions:  This prohibits Meet and Confer for all public employees.

●  SB1486 – Public employees; activities; unions; compensation:  This bill eliminates union release hours, so if you are currently eligible to do union business that benefits the County or City, you won’t be if this bill becomes law.

Status: This bill has already passed the Senate and moved to the House.

●  SB1487 – Government employees; union dues; withholding:  This bill prohibits all payroll deduction for union dues. It’s a First Amendment issue this year.

Contact your legislators and urge them to vote NO on bills that are bad for Arizona’s working families!  To find your legislators’ contact info, go to:

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