What has the Union Done for Me?

SEIU Members Benefit ALL Gilbert Employees!

In Gilbert, SEIU Members have worked hard to achieve these gains:

  1. Lobbied for Meet & Confer to bargain for wages, benefits and conditions of employment
  2. Negotiated Labor Management Meetings – a forum for employees to address problems directly with top-tier management
  3. Improved “call out pay” rules – reimbursement for mileage (or take home Town vehicle)
  4. Improved “working out of classification” rules
  5. Holidays – two “floating” holidays to use as you wish
  6. Vacations – accrual rate for earned time off improved and scaled to years of service
  7. Employee input on job reclassifications
  8. A fair grievance process, including arbitration
  9. Seniority rights recognized for vacation scheduling and in matrix for employee retention
  10. When Council approves funding, Step pay increases standardized to reflect annual progress as employee meets performance standards

Members in Action!

  • SEIU Members petitioned management to restore lost pay after employees were sent home early and arbitrarily. Everyone got paid!
  • SEIU Members rallied to protect Technology Services employees from threats of an arbitrary “blanket” disciplinary warning and held management accountable to follow proper procedures. No “blanket” disciplinary action or other threats were made!
  • SEIU Members resisted when Solid Waste Department management announced a schedule change without employee input. Instead, members negotiated with management and everyone was able to retain their current hours.
  • SEIU Members saved two PC Techs positions through negotiations with management.
  • SEIU Members negotiated a $578 plus 1% of salary cash payout this December – Happy Holidays!

Now we need YOUR help!

In May 2008 Gilbert employees overwhelmingly voted YES for SEIU representation in a secret ballot election.  Now, the Town Council is demanding new elections and requiring two-thirds of all eligible employees to vote yes to keep our place at the bargaining table.

Unite with your coworkers to keep your voice at work: Vote SEIU YES!

More can be done with your support!
Click here to download the flyer — and pass it on!

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