SEIU Arizona members go to Washington, D.C. to “Take Back the Capitol!”

SEIU Arizona members and allies staged a sit-in at Sen. Jon Kyl's office in Washington, D.C. to demand Kyl support job-creating policies. Pictured (left to right): Axel Bello, State member D. B. White, Michelle McDonnell, blogger David Safier, Chandler member Mark Hardenburg, Denee Rodriguez, and State members Tomás Pino and Jack York.

SEIU State members Jack York, Tomás Pino, D. B. White and Chandler chapter member Mark Hardenburg stood with thousands of other members, allies and friends and marched on the Capitol in Washington, D. C., from December 5 – 9, braving the cold and rain to demand that Congress work together to create policies that will restore the American Dream.

“Blog for Arizona” author, David Safier, joined our group and had this observation:  “One important thing I learned from the week was how committed the SEIU is to getting the word out about problems with income disparity and joblessness in the country. They were a major presence in the Take Back week.”  Read more of his blog here.

As Congress deliberates the extension of unemployment insurance benefits for more than 2 million people and the deficit reduction recommendations of the Super Committee—which could include devastating cuts that would destroy millions of jobs—we reminded elected leaders to represent all Americans, not just the richest 1%.

Our members spent all day Tuesday in Sen. Jon Kyl’s office, to tell him that his Arizona constituents want him to advocate for all his voters, not just his wealthy donors.  CNN joined them and posted this story on their website.

Wednesday, we marched on K Street, protesting the influence of lobbyists and their money on politicians, as the Washington Post reported.

And Thursday, we participated in a prayer vigil, with unemployed folks and faith leaders, then marched to the Capitol, demanding that Speaker of the House, John Boehner to demand that he stop blocking efforts to create jobs.  Read more from the Associated Press.

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