SEIU Arizona members stand with members across the U.S. for the “National Day of Action!”

SEIU Arizona members stood together on the 15th Ave. Bridge over the Grand Canal on the National Day of Action! Pictured (left to right): Todd Schwarz, Sen. Steve Gallardo, Edwina Vogan, Arcelious Stephens, Tomas Pino and Mark Hardenburg.

SEIU Arizona members from Gilbert, Chandler and State Chapters joined allies here — and members across the nation — to declare an economic emergency for the 99% and tell Congress to support job-creating policies to repair America’s crumbling infrastructure.

Arizona members stood together on the 15th Ave. Bridge across the Grand Canal. This historic bridge in Phoenix is just one of 230 in Arizona that are structurally deficient. 

In communities across America SEIU members participated in bridge actions.  In New York City, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry was arrested, along with other community leaders and clergy.  See coverage of her arrest on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show.”

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