Huge Victory! Judge Rules Against Arizona Anti-Union Bill!

When the Arizona legislature passed a bill discriminating against union members and challenging our rights to free speech, SEIU fought back and won a major victory for union members!

On Friday, September 23, a Federal District Court in Arizona issued a preliminary injunction against Arizona SB1365. The law prohibited employers from deducting union and professional organization dues that would be used for “political purposes.” Judge G. Murray Snow stated that by targeting only certain unions, the law was discriminatory and in violation of the First Amendment.

This is a huge victory for working people in Arizona, and a blow to anti-union forces that are using the legislature to undermine the fundamental rights of workers. SEIU members joined other unions, including the local affiliates of NEA, UFCW and AFSCME and made the case that the law was a direct assault on the First Amendment. The Judge agreed – he ruled that the entire law was unconstitutional.

Our fight will go on, because these politicians will continue their attacks on public services and the public employees who provide them. See the editorial SEIU Arizona State Director Don Carr¬†wrote in May, alerting members to the lawsuits filed to stop the legislature’s unconstitutional bills from taking effect.

SEIU members will continue to stand together as we fight to preserve the merit system and protect workers from unfair discipline, prevent staff cuts, and provide appropriate staffing to get the jobs done without breaking workers’ backs.

Through SEIU, members are united with co-workers all around the state.  We are Stronger Together Рand together we have the power to make positive changes for all Arizonans!

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