Gilbert SEIU MOU Strengthens Workers Rights!

Gilbert SEIU 2010-2011 Bargaining Team (left to right) Chris Miller, Fernando Villalobos, Kevin Moore and Scott Waldon.

With the closing of this year’s “meet and confer” process, ratification of SEIU’s Memorandum of Understanding by members and approval by the Town Council, Gilbert’s SEIU-represented employees are seeing significant changes in the Town’s process and procedures, as well as benefits for the employees.

We are happy to announce the following accomplishments our dedicated team negotiated on behalf of all SEIU employees for 2011.

● Wage reopener with possible increases at Meet and Confer in January 2012.

● You have the right to provide input into your Supervisor’s performance evaluation.

● Supervisors will consider supportive action before any discipline, and when warranted, imposed discipline will be reasonable.

● You have the right to go to binding arbitration for any MOU or Rule violation, suspension, termination, or other decisions that have an
adverse economic impact.

● You have the right to receive copies of everything in your personnel and work station files.

● You will have a say regarding changes to equipment, computer systems and uniforms you use.

● You will be reimbursed for mileage for travel for stand-by and on-call assignments.

● You will receive Out of Classification pay after 14 required work days (reduced from 30 days).

●  Employees on five 8-hour schedules will receive an additional floating holiday.

● You may receive additional (along with your standard 3 days) bereavement leave for special circumstances (no limit).

Together we Bargain — Alone, We Beg.

With SEIU, We really are Stronger Together!

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